Our Story

The Beginning

Every story has a beginning, and this story starts one morning by a question from my daughter why chapati has no taste amma, taken aback by a seemingly simple and innocent question i undertook a year-long journey to understand the food that we eat and how it could be made better.

The Awakening

Did you know that there are over 300 varieties of wheat in india?, it was a mind-blowing revelation for me, some are rich in protein, some are rich in fiber, some are rain-fed, some are irrigated, some are engineered for fast growth, some are engineered for resistance to insects, Oh my my...

The Result

After a year-long experimentation on my husband and kids 😁, one day we reached the perfect recipe for atta, that stays soft for 12 hours, tastes great by itself, and easy to handle the dough, we also created more variants, Multi-Grain(with 8 grains), Multi-Millet(5 millets), Methi Masala Atta, Drumstick Leaves Masala Atta, etc...

Being Fresh

We also recommend you to get Atta every week, and don't stock it up, that the quality of roti differ based on the age of the atta, it tastes best within a month of milling and rapidly loses its texture & flavour after that.

Thanks, Grandma :)

My grandmother shared her secret Recipe for Sambar, Rasam, Curry and Garam Masala, needless to say her masala has gotten lots of prise and attention.

Curtains Open

Encouraged by friends and family, I opened "the millet store" in september 2019, we stay true to our core ideals, that the atta/flour/masala/oil will be milled based on order and delivered to you the same day.

Where we are now

we have expanded now to Freshly Milled Flours (rice, ragi, jowar, buckwheat, etc...), Freshly milled Oil (Coconut, Groundnut, Sesame), jaggery from our own farm, we also have introduced Herbal Jaggery (with Ginger, Pepper, Cardamom, Long Pepper, Hibiscus Flower, Avarampoo, Nutmeg, Rose petals) and it tastes Great :).

Our Promise

Our promise is simple, we deliver freshly made groceries to your doorstep, once a week, and we strive to make Food Delicious for you and your family.

Contact Us

You can Call/WhatsApp me on +91-6362033034 for a trial Pack

you can also register & order in our portal https://orders.themilletstore.in

Thank You for joining this Food Journey with us, we hope to be your long and reliable kitchen partners :)