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Jowar flour

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Our jowar is milled using the highly Nutritious jowar is produced naturally and is sourced from the Bijapur district. The area around Bijapur receives the most sunlight, which encourages the buildup of nutrients in the grain.

Jowar millet is a wonderful alternative to wheat since it is packed with health benefits, including the ability to control cholesterol and weight.Jowar flour produces soft Rotis.

Both rural and urban parts of India utilize it to produce jowar ki roti. It contains lots of calories, calcium, and magnesium. Pesticides and manmade chemicals are absent.

  • Benefits:
  • Jowar, a gluten-free grain rich in protein and iron
  • Jowar Promotes Bone Health and Weight loss
  • Full of Micronutrients, Minerals, and Vitamins
  • Jowar promotes heart and digestive health

How to use :  Roti, Malt, Jower mudde balls, Chakkali, Talipatti, and, Pancakes.



whole Jowar

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