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Signature Sharbati Wheat Atta

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  1. Sharbati wheat is a regional variety of atta, derived from the wheat grown in the Sehore and Vidisha regions of MP.
  2. There is a black and alluvial fertile soil in the Sehore area which is suitable for the production of Sharbati wheat. Sharbati wheat is also called The Golden Grain, because its color is golden, it looks heavy on the palm and its taste is sweet, hence its name is Sharbati.
  3. One of the best variants of Sharbati wheat in the country every Rabi season. This winter wheat offers high protein content and tops the choice of most households in metros when it comes to taste, quality and other attributes. Dough prepared by this flour remains fresh and soft even after refrigeration.
  4. Rich in Mangnesium, Sharbati atta when consumed, aids more than 300 enzymes in the body to use insulin and glucose secretion. Consequently, this helps in blood sugar control.



Sharbati Wheat, Emmer Wheat, Poppy Seeds, Fenugreek

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