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Pancake Mix

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Our quick-fix breakfast and any-time snack mix retains the nutritional values of jowar, ragi and oats along with the goodness of flax seeds, jaggery, cinnamon and pink salt. It is super easy to cook in a jiffy and can be served with honey, fruits, berries, nuts or dry fruits for a more delectable treat. Children – both little and older ones - are sure to adore the smooth texture and softness of each pancake as it comes out piping hot from the cooking pan. And they are sure to ask for more and more, so keep this pack ready on your kitchen shelves!

The pancake mix is easy to cook and devoid of preservatives. Simply follow the instructions on the pack for perfect results every single time. Our product is made to order with organic ingredients. Only when you place an order with us, do we begin the process of manufacture.We custom create the mix to your requirements so that you are assured of pancakes that are tailored just right… for you!


Ragi, Jowar, Oats, Jaggery, Cinnamon, Flax seeds, Pink salt, Baking Powder

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