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Sprouted Multi Grain Atta (5 Grain)

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You may rightly wonder, “Why should we consider buying sprouted atta? What makes it so beneficial?” To answer your question, simply put, sprouting increases the nutritional benefits manifold as mentioned below:

 Easy on the stomach – The sprouting effect breaks down the starch into simple sugars easing the digestion process.

 Enhanced nutritional content – The levels of vitamin C, vit. B, carotene, enzymes and antioxidants increase significantly, which leads to the efficient absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc in the body.

 Easy to consume - Sprouting improves the hydrolysis of phytic acid, an anti-nutrient, thereby reducing the chances of developing any kind of allergy or sensitivity to grains.

 Improved flavour - Sprouts enhance the inherent flavours of grains and pulses.

 Anti-cancer agent - They lower the risk of cancer.

 Blood sugar check - They prove effective in regulating blood sugar levels and in sustaining weight loss programmes.

The Millet Store Sprouted Multi-Grain Atta contains both sharbati wheat and emmer wheat. We have combined sprouted bajra, ragi, green gram dal and chana dal, which perfectly balances the whole grains and pulses for an upsurge of flavour, taste and nutrition. This awesome blend benefits you in the following manner:

o Bajra or pearl millet – It aids in managing diabetes and improves the intake of nutrients that support the health of your hair, skin and nails.

o Chana dal – As an excellent source of protein, chana dal enhances heart function, controls diabetes and lowers blood pressure.

o Ragi or finger millet – This protein-rich millet is responsible for the wellness of your skin and hair. An excellent source of calcium and easy to digest, ragi is usually advised for nursing mothers and toddlers.

o Green gram dal – It is good for the heart; and is loaded with nutrients like folate, thiamin, riboflavin and pyridoxine. It keeps your blood sugar under check, boosts blood circulation and eases digestion.

You can cook several amazing dishes with The Millet Store Sprouted Multi-Grain Atta. Apart from the regular rotis and parathas, numerous delicious and nourishing snacks can be prepared such as thalipeeth, dosa, dhokla, porridge, etc. And, to raise the nutritional value even further, you could sprinkle toasted nuts or sesame seeds (til) for added crunch and nuttiness.


Sharbati Wheat, Emmer Wheat, Sprouted Bajra, Sprouted Ragi, Sprouted Green Gram Dal, Sprouted Channa Dal, Fenugreek, Poppy Seeds

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