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Plain Emmer Wheat Atta

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Made with the Finest Emmer Wheat from Bagalkot, 100% Emmer and nothing else . Emmer wheat, also known as khapli gehu or samba wheat, is an ancient wheat, which is typically one of the ancient grains. The term ‘ancient grain’ generally refers to grains that have remained relatively unaltered over centuries. The gluten structure is simpler in such grains and hence they are low in gluten as compared to modern wheat gluten. As a result, emmer wheat can be easily consumed by those with nonceliac gluten sensitivity.

Since it lowers the lipid and glucose levels in the body, emmer wheat is good for people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Easily digested and absorbed by the body, it has a nutty delicate sweetness. It provides higher dietary fibre and protein than standard wheat and is richer in antioxidants. The flavour and pleasant chewiness of the wheat grains lend a distinct character to certain dishes such as soups, salads, porridge and desserts.

The Millet Store Plain Emmer Wheat Atta is sourced from Bagalkot, Karnataka. This low-yielding wheat variety is commonly found in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.

Replace your usual wheat flour with our emmer wheat atta to savour soft fluffy rotis, parathas, puris, bread or any other flour-based snack.


Emmer Wheat (Javagothi, Sambha Gothi)

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