Emmer Wheat Methi Masala Atta

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The wide array of attas we mill is guaranteed to add a dash of spice to your culinary skills. For instance, let’s take the example of methi, which is widely used in most Indian households – either fresh or in dried form. It is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and folate. It helps in controlling sugar, eases constipation, prevents anaemia and maintains bone health.

Besides, if you are tired of the same usual methi parathas, theplas, aalo methi, baingan methi and the like; our methi masala atta offers a refreshing change. And if your children abhor methi, then you need to try this atta and see how quickly they change their stand on this nutrient-heavy leafy vegetable. Use it just like your regular atta to make delicious parathas, pakoras or chillas and they will keep asking for more…and more!


Dried Methi Leaves, Our Signature Masala, Fenugreek, Poppy Seeds

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