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magic sharbati atta

Magic Sharbati Roti's stay soft for 12 Hours

Magic Sharbati atta is made from the Most premium Sharbati wheat from MP Sehore Region, Roti's made from Magic Sharbati stay soft for upto 12 Hours, perfect for packing your lunch or even your dinner.

Magic Sharbati Roti's are Tasty

Magic Sharbati atta is made in small batches and delivered quickly to your home, Roti made from Magic Sharbati atta is much tastier than any other store bought atta that has gone stale in store shelves

Magic Sharbati Roti's are Healthy

Protein Content in Magic Sharbati atta is much higher than any other traditional atta and with better nutrient profile, rest assured you and your family get to enjoy the healthiest possible rotis

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