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Sprouted Health Mix - SathuMaavu (19 Grains)
Sprouted Health Mix - SathuMaavu (19 Grains)
Ingredients : Sprouted ragi , Sprouted emmer wheat , Sprouted jowar , Sprouted green gram dal , Sprouted brown channa dal , Sprouted bajra , Sprouted black urad dal , Sprouted Maize , Fried gram dal , Cardamom , Almond , Cashew , Pistachios , Dry ginger , Ajwain , Sago , Sprouted horse gram , Maize , Groundnut , Mapillai samba red rice ,

Sprouted Sathumaavu Powder / Sprouted Multigrain Mix

It is a Whooping of 20Ingredients out of which 10 is sprouted.

Sathu Maavu derived from ‘Sathu’ or ‘energy’ and ‘Mavu’ or ‘flour’ is an energising health mix with a combination of fresh grains, cereals, seeds, nuts that are sprouted and ground together, enhancing their nutrient value. Suitable for people of all ages, this sprouted mix is thick and creamy, with a balanced taste, can be sweetened by jaggery and cooked with cold milk/water on low flame, served lukewarm.Combines calorie-dense sprouted cereals, grains, dry fruits and pulses into an instant health mix.

  • Powered by iron, protein, calcium, fibre for all round physical and mental growth
  • A storehouse of energy, easily digestible and helps weight gain
  • Fiber rich and easily digestible.
  • It is safe for kid’s tummies as it is made with top-quality ingredients and under strict hygienic conditions.
  • An immunity booster, sprouting increases nutritional value and builds resistance to frequent bouts of illness
  • No artificial sugars, no preservatives, No Milk Solids
  • Minimally processed under hygienic conditions
  • No Artificial Sugars, No Milk, No Preservatives & Artificial Flavours