Millet Pasta

Millet Stores Millet Fusilli Pasta is 100% Maida & Preservatives Free and 100% guilt free!

Millet Fusilli Pasta is super easy to cook!

180g of pasta & 20g of taste maker.

No MSG & Artificial cours

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Millet Flour (80%), Wheat Flour (20%), Salt, Water

Instructions to Use

Heat 600ml of water in a vessel and add 1 tsp oil and little bit salt.

Once water starts boiling, add Pasta (180g) and let it cook for 3 minutes ( exactly).

Once they are cooked, drain the water completely and transfer pasta to a bowl or plate.

Now heat 2 tspoil in a kadhai.

Add chopped onions & vegetables and sauce of your choice & stir well

Add taste maker and salt to taste. Stir everything.

Now add pasta and stir everything.

Mix all & Serve hot.

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